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Smoking Cannabis With Other Herbs

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Yes, we all love smoking cananbis, but did you know you can smoke other herbs too?

Many herbs are great for smoking and can add different effects to your smoking experience.

The tradition of smoking herbs is ancient. Many indigenous cultures believed that each plant had a unique spirit and by smoking them, you could commune with the spirit of that particular plant and breathe in its wisdom.

In our High Priestess line, we wanted to combine the effects of cannabis with other powerful herbs as well as focus on creating a ritual around the experience that helps you connect with the unique energetics of each plant.

Here are some of our favorite plants to use in our smoking blends.


🌱 Mugwort is a powerful witchy herb used to activate intuition and induce vivid dream states.

🌱 It can help create a sense of relaxation in the body and has a slightly psychotropic effect when smoked.


🌱 Mullein soothes the lungs and opens up airway passageways. For that reason it is an excellent base for any smoking blend.

🌱 It has a slight calming and sedative effect when smoked, and is associated energetically with the light of conscious awareness.


🌱 This powerful, heart-opening herb is the go-to choice for connecting to the divine feminine and activating the heart space.

🌱 It creates a subtle euphoric feeling when smoked and also adds a lovely flavor to any smoking blend.


🌱 Damiana is a natural aphrodisiac and mood elevator.

🌱 It can help relax the nervous system, while elevating energy at the same time.


🌱 Skullcap supports and calms the nervous system without inducing drowsiness.

🌱 It can help focus energy into the present moment and create a sense of ease and well-being.

Blue Lotus

🌱 Prized by the ancient Egyptians, Blue Lotus has many intriguing uses such as lucid dreaming and activating intuition.

🌱 It creates a sense of euphoria in the body and shifts consciousness into a more spiritually open state.


🌱 Passionflower has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system and induce sleep.

🌱 Passionflower is associated with the Passion of the Christ, and is believed in many spiritual traditions to help induce a state of Christ Consciousness.

Wild Dagga

🌱 Sometimes called Wild Cannabis, Wild Dagga is an African wildflower that has been used by tribal cultures since ancient times.

🌱 Wild Dagga smokers report mood elevation, enhanced mental clarity and sensory perception, and euphoric effects.

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